Founded in 1970 by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez Nassar, ADJUSTERS, INC. has been incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico since then and is licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico. Through these past fifty (50) years, we have serviced the insurance industry with diligence and professionalism.

At ADJUSTERS, INC. we have the highest standards of service, as far as guaranteeing first contact with insured or claimants within 48 hours of assignment and having a First Report with an adequate evaluation and reserve recommendations on bodily injury claims within twenty-one (21) days of assignment. This is part of the motto that has helped raise our prestige and trustworthiness, and has promoted us as a highly efficient, professional organization.

Our firm has capable, experienced and able staff, which is trained on a continuous basis to comply with the updates our industry requires.

We also have an in-house, full time, trial attorney who can provide legal advice, as well as, actual litigation, notary and trial work. Our work force can easily manage a high volume account without difficulty.

The following are some of our major patrons. We would be glad to add you to our list.

Puerto Rico Clients

  • Optima Insurance Company
  • Cooperativa de Seguros Multiples de PR
  • Triple-S Propiedad
  • One Alliance Insurance Corp.
  • Triple-S Propiedad
  • Asociacion de Garantia

USA Clients

  • CNA
  • Travelers Insurance Company
  • Aspen Insurance Co.
  • Gallagher Bassett Services
  • OneBeacon Professional Insurance
  • Progressive
  • The Doctors Company